Cloud To Ground

SusannaSonata SONATALP010 2014



Dear SusannaSonata customers, we are sorry to tell that the shipping from Norway has been delayed. Due to illness all of the shippings of your orders has been delayed with a week. The good news is that the music is now on it's way to you. 

Please find the updated prices for shipping, both in the shop- and here. 


Dear SusannaSonata customers, it is great to receive your orders- and it will be a pleasure to send you the Minibus Pimps album when it is due for release. Please notice that the shipping costs are under development, and we are working to find somehow cheaper solutions if possible. Some of you may experience refund of the total, hopefully that will be a positive experience. Thank you for your patience with the shop owner and administrator. 


SusannaSonata's web-shop is officially open, please have a look at the available products. Minibus Pimps 'Cloud To Ground' is available for pre-ordering, and will be shipped the week that starts with 3rd of March. 


Minibus Pimps 'Cloud To Ground' will be released 3rd of March in UK, 4th of March in the US and 7th of March in Norway. 

Susanna releases a new track this week.