Dear all customers who have placed a pre-order with us for the limited editions of 'Melody Mountain' and 'Meshes of Voice' on vinyl, the vinyls are not in stock yet. First of all we started the pre-order so that we would be able to make these vinyl editions, and there is a long production time for vinyls these days. We don't have any certain dates yet, but hope that sometime in June or July we will have these in stock, and start shipping them out. Thank you for your patience and support. 


The first 100 of Jenny Hval & Susanna 'Meshes of Voice' double vinyl, numbered and signed, is now sold out. You can still pre-order the double vinyl, it is a very limited edition with 500 in total. Place your order and support independent music, the label and artists directly. 


PRE-ORDER is now open for the exclusive and limited edition of Susanna and the Magical Orchestra's covers album from 2006, 'Melody Mountain'. With new cover design, and the first 100 with clear vinyl, numbered and signed by the artists and with a special print inlay. Place your order now to be sure to get your hands on this special edition. 

There will be 400 with black vinyl. 


SusannaSonata releasing exclusive cassette series called Best Of Susanna, in three volumes. The cassettes each contain a selection of Susanna's highly acclaimed releases, with unique design by Lasse Marhaug and numbered, signed and packed by the artist herself. Ready to order! We're having a package offer if you order the whole series, choose the right option in the shop and save some money. 


We had to update the prices both for the products and for the shipping costs. Good news is that customers abroad Norway don't have to pay the Norwegian VAT, so especially for the CDs, they will become cheaper alltogether with the shipping. AND excited to announce that we will make vinyl of the critically acclaimed  and highly reccommended Jenny Hval & Susanna 'Meshes of Voice'. It will be double and come with the beautiful cover design by Johanna Blom/Arne Bendik Sjur. But it takes some time to make vinyl these days, and we won't promise to have it until sometime in the summer 2015. If you preorder it directly here, you will get a signed copy before the product is in the shops! LIMITED EDITION 500, the first 100 will be numbered and signed. 


We launched a Best of Susanna series on cassettes this weekend, three volumes and a wonderful design by Lasse Marhaug. At the music festival arranged by The Wire Magazine and nyMusikk, Off the Page, we started the pre-sale of this series. Unfortunately the production of the cassesttes is delayed, and currently we have no certain date for when it's going to be finished. We hope soon!


We are PROUD to announce that Jenny Hval & Susanna won a Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannprisen) in Open Category for the album 'Meshes of Voice'. This means that SusannaSonata now has two Norwegian Grammy awards, despite of being a small independent label. 


The album Jenny Hval & Susanna 'Meshes of Voice' has receievd so many good reviews, been on so many Albums of the Year lists and finally it received a nomination for the Norwegian Grammy Award in Open Category. We're very happy about the response, thank you all for spreading the word, ordering, listening to the music.


Jenny Hval & Susanna 'Meshes of Voice' is released in Norway and Germany, and will be out in the UK and US within the next few days. The album has received rave reviews both in UK and US alongside Norway, with a 8,2/10 score at the american online magazine Pitchfork. 


SusannaSonata will release the musical collaboration 'Meshes of Voice' with Norwegian songwriters and artists Jenny Hval & Susanna. The single 'I Have Walked This Body' is available on SoundCloud as well as streaming and downloading platforms, and has received great reviews and announced as Best New Track at Pitchfork in the US. 


All the titles from SusannaSonata is now available through various streaming services, such as Norwegian WiMP and Swedish Spotify.  


The collaboaration between Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones and Supersilent's Helge Sten has received great reviews. The album comes highly recommended! WARNING! Not for the faint-hearted :-)

Read what the press has said about this extraordinary release. 


Dear SusannaSonata customers, we are sorry to tell that the shipping from Norway has been delayed. Due to illness all of the shippings of your orders has been delayed with a week. The good news is that the music is now on it's way to you. 

Please find the updated prices for shipping, both in the shop- and here. 


Dear SusannaSonata customers, it is great to receive your orders- and it will be a pleasure to send you the Minibus Pimps album when it is due for release. Please notice that the shipping costs are under development, and we are working to find somehow cheaper solutions if possible. Some of you may experience refund of the total, hopefully that will be a positive experience. Thank you for your patience with the shop owner and administrator. 


SusannaSonata's web-shop is officially open, please have a look at the available products. Minibus Pimps 'Cloud To Ground' is available for pre-ordering, and will be shipped the week that starts with 3rd of March. 


Minibus Pimps 'Cloud To Ground' will be released 3rd of March in UK, 4th of March in the US and 7th of March in Norway. 

Susanna releases a new track this week. 


We are happy to announce that the label SusannaSonata won it's first Spellemannpris (Norwegian Grammy) in Open Category, for the release Susanna and Ensemble neoN 'The Forester'. 


SusannaSonata announces to release the debut record of the duo Minibus Pimps on the label in 2014. Minibus Pimps are John Paul Jones and Helge Sten, the album is called 'Cloud To Ground'. More info to come soon. 


SusannaSonata will provide an oportunity to buy the releases on the label through this website soon. Stay tuned!


Susanna and Ensemble neon 'The Forester' was released as planned in Norway and US in September. The album has received great reviews both in Norway, and in US so far. 


SusannaSonata will release a brand new album with Susanna and Ensemble neoN called The Forester on CD, LP (limited edition) and digitally in September 2013 in US and Norway. 


"Who knew starkly profound morbidity could sound so gorgeous?" Great review of the new SusannaSonata track from Pitchfork.


SusannaSonata releases the wonderful album "Twyxt Wyrd" by The Cairo Gang which has previously been released in a limited edition of CDs in 2007, and later on vinyl- but never digitally. 


Susanna has released a brand new song, recorded for the Oya Container during the Oyfestival in Oslo in August. The song is available exclusively through the streaming service Wimp. 


The highly acclaimed Susanna-album "Wild Dog" is released on vinyl this spring and summer, around Europe and USA. If you're interested in selling this wonderful product in your store, please contact the label and we will guide you to the distributor. 


SusannaSonata will debut the label's first physical product, with Susanna's new album "Wild Dog" as vinyl. The release date is TBA. 


Susanna's "Wild Dog" is released on Rune Grammofon in Norway, and can be ordered directly from the label at 


SusannaSonata is releasing "When I Am Laid" by Susanna and the Magical Orchestra, which will also be available for streaming at Spotify and Wimp, together with the first release "Twelve Hours of Sunset" on Friday 2nd of December. 


Susanna's "Twelve Hour of Sunset" is now available in most online-stores world wide. 


Susanna is releasing the first single on her new label SusannaSonata on the 1st of November.