• Container

  • If Grief Could Wait

  • In the Morning We'll Meet

  • Forever and Ever/In Spite of Ourselves 7″

  • Bass Trip

  • Still that Bird is Singing

  • The Journey to Mandoola

  • Come Up For Air

In the Morning We'll Meet - Giorgio Tuma

Elefant Records 2011


01 A Ghost on Our Way (Tuma)
02 Imaginary Soundtrack for Yuri Norstein (Magagnino, Rossi, Tuma)
03 Marzapane Rota (Tuma) 
04 New Fabled Stories (Tuma)
05 Raymond Bleeps 1 (Calignano)
06 Nöel 1981 (Tuma)
07 Innocenza Cetra (Tuma)
08 An Enchanting Blue (Tuma)
09 Oh Marc, Let Me Fly With My Lv (Tuma)
10 Old Old Kiss (Tuma)
11 Isaia (Magagnino, Tuma)
12 Apples Rvlll (Tuma) with Susanna 
13 Eyes Full of Bitterness (Tuma)
14 Sitting On the Little Church Steps (Tuma)
15 Raymond Bleeps 2 (Tuma)
16 When I Sing Your Words All Around Us Is Magic (Innocenzio, Tuma)