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List of Lights and Buoys - Susanna and the Magical Orchestra

SusannaSonata SONATA013 2004

Absolutely brilliant debut release from young Norwegian duo consisting of Susanna Wallumrød (vocals) and Morten Qvenild (keyboards). Nine beautiful low key original songs plus highly personal interpretations of Dolly Parton«s "Jolene" and Leonard Bernstein«s "Who Am I" makes this one of the strongest Norwegian debut releases in a very long time. If you´ve heard "Believer" (also included here) from "Money Will Ruin Everything" you know what to expect. Produced by Andreas Mjøs (Jaga Jazzist) and Deathprod.


01 Who Am I (Leonard Bernstein)
02 Jolene (Dolly Parton)
03 Turn the Pages (Morten Qvenild)
04 Friend (Susanna K. Wallumrød) 
05 Hello (Susanna K. Wallumrød)
06 Believer (Susanna K. Wallumrød)
07 Sweet Devil (Susanna K. Wallumrød)
08 Baby (Morten Qvenild)
09 Time (Morten Qvenild)
10 Distance Blues and Theory (Dorothy Parker/Susanna K. Wallumrød)
11 Go (Morten Qvenild) 

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